Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diane Kruger wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso at film premiere




Friday, February 18th, Berlin Film Festival

Actress Diane Kruger attends the European Premiere of her new movie 'Unknown'. Today in Berlin she was proud to wear Jaeger-LeCoultre's Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin in pink gold. Diane Kruger is the face of the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin. She has a long attachment to the brand, the first time being when her mother offered her a Reverso for her 18th birthday.


Miss Russia 2010, Irina Antonenko.

Irina will crown her succesor on March 5 at the Barvikha Luxury Village.

Miss Russia 2011 winner goes to Miss Universe 2011 & her 1° RU to Miss World 2011.

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2nd runner-up of Miss World 2003 Guan Qi

Miss World 2007 Zi Lin Zhang in Taiwan

2010 Miss Universe Australia and 2nd runner-up Miss Universe Jesinta Campbell at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo's brown bear Honey Bear has close look at former Miss Universe entrant Jesinta Campbell wearing fake fur boots.

Picture: David Caird

Source: Herald Sun

Top 10 greatest in America

Top 10: USS Stennis (U.S. S John C. austenitic Nice)

For greatness ever to lift the U.S. Naval S John C. austenitic Nice (USS John C. Stennis) of the San Diego Air Force Base.

Size small North Pacific Ocean waters. The flotilla of planes and airports with the size equivalent to the football field is here anchor

Heavier than 30 tons, the second stop of the greatness of this boat. Waiting for proof from you.

Top 9: Son of Beast Coaster (Sun out off-Bis)

Add to freshen their lives. Injection of blood into your body with a new adventure that you must enjoy most. We'll take you to see the excitement.

Rides a roller coaster and the highest authority. And as soon as possible .... Sun out off-Bis (Son of Beast) ... in an amusement park Paramount's King's Island.

Giant roller coaster made of wood with a height of 218 feet that will take you straight to Posuhr quickly Did about 3 minutes with the sound of your heart will beat faster.

Top 8: New River Gorge Bridge (bridge, New River Gore's gaping e)

Steel arch bridge was the longest in the world, noted that "New River Gorge Bridge" bridge, leaning over the river route to competitive advantage can be considered.

Most of the danger. You will cross over this river without knowing the arch bridge 3030 feet long with another 6 inches by just a few minutes exposure.

The great danger that lies directly responsible only iron bars between you. The river at New River George Bridge gaping to occur.

Top 7: Mall of America (Mall of America)

Avid shoppers should not miss a day of fun with all the things you want nightclubs and cinemas, shopping, college Aquarium or even church!

As to reach the dream. And enjoy a busy shop. The massive Mall Stadium 7 times the field together various sources of shops.

Difficult to store shopping out within a day with approximately 43 million people each year. Indicate the greatness of Min Minn. well.


Top 6: Superdome (Super Dome)

To No. 6 with a perfect stadium-style New Organic Lean's "Superdome" steel building 273 feet high capacity larger than 52 acres of many viewers.

Tremendous response to the look. Outstanding work of architecture. With the width and capacity of the Super Dome as the main event.

In addition to use as many sports alone.

Top 5: Spruce Goose (Bruce tighten loan h)

We are also subject to the ranking. "Most of the greatness of America" that included "a recovery year Bruce left behind on the size of aircraft is considered to be the largest ever.

A wood plane to anyone else. " I think it does not fly, but Howard Hughes (Howard Hughes) pilots and business people can do it. By trying to fly away.

1 mile with heavy-horsepower 3 billion a year even present a recovery Bruce left the state to decay over time. But today the world knows it as.
The largest airplane in the world.

Top 4: Eisenhower Memorial Tunnels (tunnel ID Sen Hao Eamamoameriie F)

Denver, Colorado mountain town. Where the greatest number four is here "St. I. Howland Tunnel Eamamoameriie F" on a climate that is close

Death is covered with snow and granite mountain ranges. Difficult to travel to accident risk. The "float" I Eamamoameriie Sen Hao F "at

Altitude over 11,000 feet is a safe shortcut for traveling from the east to west. Each day a car lot.
Ride through the tunnel, nearly 30,000 vehicles exhaust fumes from the huge cooling fan is installed around the tunnel to blow them out.

Fresh air into Makes a journey through the tunnel, I Sen Hao F Eamamoameriie a journey through small. Lighting near their destination.
Not far away

Top 3: Gateway Arch (Gateway Newark)

We'll take you to discover the magic of the art of manmade construction. The location of the monument here is the soul pioneer JEFFERSON CO., LTD.
Co., Pan X Eamamoameriie or Gateway Arc (Jefferson National Expansion Memorial / Gateway Arch) along with a large silver arch height.

Sky 630 feet up the construction of the pioneer legend. And the journey of this Post gold If you want to know how the atmosphere above you.

Never miss a visit to St. Louis, Mississippi River on a trip next time.

Top 2: Golden Gate Bridge (Bridge Golden Gate)

Close as possible to get lost in the greatness of America. Construction giant beyond description The 46,000-foot long steel bar placed through the San lean shop.

Area Marin County, adjacent to the difficult things become easy in your post. Getting through Straits of the Golden Gate with a symbol of America .. Golden.

Gate Bridge ... up to 746 feet above the water level many many emotional atmosphere ... To bridge the red orange glow reflecting on the incident with the guard.
Sun beauty created elaborate engineering.

Top 1: Hoover Dam (Dam's gaping hood)

Countdown to the one that most of the possession of most of the greatness of America at the Colorado River (Colorado) where things.

Construction of large concrete 726 feet thick, 660 feet high was built dam's gaping Hu (Hoover) ... Colorado River dams that block. To handle the water.

To 8 billion gallons. For irrigation. And the production of electricity. Greatness, it has made it doubly beneficial to the nation almost every kitchen.
House in America. Over several decades, it still stands a remarkably This is the result of engineering as well as its best, and benefits.

Equation with a maximum of 1 in America.

Pretty soaps savory

Pretty soaps savory Q omitted the shower in. I did not eat.
(Please keep the kids are tired my hand away.)

Luxury Property in London

Lotus pure beauty .... for the Wednesday

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