Thursday, October 21, 2010

phone booth public library

The classic red phone booth in the centre of the village, was bought by residents for £1 and turned into a book exchange, as part of British Telecom's Adopt a Kiosk campaign which has seen more than 350 red phone boxes adopted by small communities across Britain.

Duncan Berry holds the door open as his children Jemima (L) and Hugo choose books from the village phone box in Marton cum Grafton, northern England. After witnessing their weekly mobile library disappear, this wee town in the south of England town wasn't going to let their iconic phone booth be taken away as well.

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2010 Harley-Davidson motorcycles

The 2010 Harley-Davidson motorcycles
Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson Motor Company is the global leader in cruising and touring motorcycles that has for long enjoyed cult following among superbike enthusiasts. Motorcycles by Harley-Davidson symbolize adventure and certain recklessness of attitude. The company has a long history of producing motorcycles that are big, heavy cruisers and have unique sound and design. The sounds of Harley Davidson motorcycles are so unique that there are several US Patents protecting them. Harley, whose bikes account for more than half of the motorcycle sales in the United States, continues to have a strong, loyal following of very diverse people from all walks of life. Here's look at its 2010 models.

Micromax Launches 'Lightest Touch Phone'

We know that biggies like Sony Ericsson and Motorola are having a tough time tapping the Indian mobile phone market, while Indian brands like Micromax are making it even tougher for them.

To add more glamor to its already "bling" collection, Micromax has tied up with Israel-based modu ltd. to bring modu T, a 3.5G touch phone that was awarded the Guinness World Record for being the lightest touch phone in the world. The modu T has a 2.2-inch touch screen and a memory card with 2GB memory capacity that can be extended up to 32GB.
The phone comes with web access, Instant Messaging, direct links to different social networks, a built in FM radio, GPS, music player. modu T includes a wide variety of applications such as; YouTube, Google Search, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, TuneWiki, eBuddy, Snaptu & operates on Qualcomm's Brew operating system.
The phone comes with two jackets, which when connected, add new features to the phone. The "camerafy" jacket converts the phone into a camera with a 5 megapixel resolution and LED flash. Alternatively, you can also "sportfy" your modu T phone and instantly turn it into your exercise companion. Micromax said it is working with modu to introduce more fy devices in the near future to make the phone multi functional.


Micromax said it is targeting "the aspirational" segment of Indian consumers, who are the early adopters of technology and passionate about electronic gadgets.
The modu T phone will be available in India from October 22. It will come pre-bundled with a 2GB memory card and both fy jackets as a launch promotional offer. The phone is priced at Rs. 12,500.

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